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ESAX Technologies, since 1999, is a company providing services on information security and software. Since 2018, ESAX Technologies are been working on blockchain technologies. So far, we are been working on information security, software, and payment systems in the textile and chemical sectors.

For ESAX, the blockchain is an opportunity. Blockchain unique to the central, high security, privacy protection features and P2P technology together, you can create a new world, the advantages that blockchain can bring, such as the absence of a central organization's control, high-security anonymity, user full control and so on, ESAX is an online payment gateway that makes payments easier.

ESAX offers global commerce tools that can be used to accept payments and build businesses. It allows enterprises to develop their own experiences and expand their businesses around the world. This payment service enables you to provide efficient support that makes payment and money transfer procedures efficient and simple day-to-day transactions and cash management. If you find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence, you need to have a suitable facility that would enable you to make a quick transaction with anyone from wherever you are. It is precisely for these situations in life that we bring to you ESAX.


ESAX Company Vision and Mission :


To create a trustless, permissionless P2P crypto exchange and trading platform that is autonomously driven by a synergetic web of traders, users and investors.


ESAX strives to make our P2P platform an autonomous ecosystem where our users, traders and investors would serve as the fuel and not just as the nuts and bolts of our platform. The real growth and development of ESAX lies in the empowerment of its stakeholders, which we endeavour to achieve through the multipurpose functionality of our ESAX tokens. By enabling our users to stake, vote and manage their assets in a decentralized exchange, trading and lending marketplace, its stakeholders to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.


ESAX Features :


What is ESAXC? It is a blockchain-based application to be developed by ESAXnTechnologies.

  • ESAXC is a fixed-price, independent and fully secure crypto money.

  • ESAXC will offer intercompany payments and credit opportunities in the chemical industry.

  • ESAXC will only be used in the business field. shall not be offered to the public.

  • We are developing a special application for ESAXC coin. With this application, companies can easily make payments and credit transactions in 100% security.

  • ESACX price is 1 USD. The price will not change.

  • In our application, only ESAX Token and ESAXC coin operations are performed.

  • You can change the ESAXC coin to local currency or ESAX token at any time.

  • The transactions are completely free.

  • If you wish, you can trade on the crypto money exchanges by converting ESAXC coin to ESAX Token.

  • With a very low interest, you can get an ESAXC coin lending loan with no formalities.

  • The application will also provide email service.

  • Easy communication between wallets

  • 24-hour assistance with live support.

ESAX Token :

  • ESAX Token is the ERC20 based token of the platform. ESAX Token is designed for easy trading on exchange lists for ESAXC coins. ESAX Token, will be processed in our own platform and listed secondary stock exchange process. It is offered for sale with the lowest price to avoid loss of value. At the end of 2 years, 50% of the tokens will be collected and burned.


ESAX will have its own exchange platform. ESAX Exchange will be able to trade ESAX Token and ESAXC coins. it's a real-time automatic trading platform providing customers with crypto-to-crypto trading pairs for coins and utility tokens only. We commit to innovate and improve these exclusive advantages technologies to bring our customer the best trading experience ever!

  • Peer to Peer network

  • High-speed transaction

  • Security system and inseparable

  • High level of anonymity ( Not controlled by any government, organization or agency The ESAX Token can be traded via address trading on every ether-based Distributed Exchange (DEX):, Forkdelta, Etherdelta. The project team will also negotiate to have the ESAX Token listed at a major exchange. But the price for such a listing is very high. When we prove together that many persons are adopting the ESAX Token, the Exchanges will list the ESAX Token on their own initiative )


  • ESAX offers a money-back guarantee if it cannot reach its target within 1 year of your investment.

  • Valid for your investments of 1000 USD or more.

  • ESAX customers who invested 1000 USD or more receive their money back with 10% interest if the project fails.

  • These conditions are signed by the parties by contract.



ESAX Technical Info :

  • Ticker: ESAX

  • Type: Utility-token

  • Token standard: ERC20

  • Token price in USD: 1 ESAX = 0.025 USD

  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM

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