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UMKA - 50 UMK (5$) per telegram and twitter | LIMIT 5000 participants


UMKA is a decentralized labor market and one of the first projects based on the EOS technology. UMKA features a friendly environment that provides all the necessary tools for comfortable freelance work, a new technology for adjustable smart contracts (AgileSC) and low transaction costs.

1. Fill out this https://umka.bountyplatform.io/airdrop/
2. Join the group: https://t.me/umka2018 
3. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/umka_freelance 

4. Post a message in the bounty thread with the following information:

#Proof of ownership

Telegram url: https://t.me/username
Twitter url: https://twitter.com/username


  • Maximum 20 confirmed referrals.
  • The rewards will be distributed in turn. But no more than there is in the budget.
  • Do not mention the Bounty Campaign in the channel.
  • Stay in the channel until the end of the crowdsale - otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • Limit: 5000 confirmed participants.


  • 50 UMK TOKENS ($5 in the tokens)
  • 10 UMK TOKENS ($1 in the tokens) - confirmed ref

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