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Globcoin - Maintain Prosperity Across Borders


Globcoin is a multi-currency basket and payment platform that combines the advantages of fiat currency with digital money. Globcoin is dedicated to creating a currency baskets according to their needs. The platform's currency is associated with 15 of the most important global economies and gold.

Launched by Reserve Currency Solutions SA, a Zug based company, it aims to provide individuals from all the worlds access to fast, secure and cheap transactions.

Then what is the use of multy currency crypto basket and payment platform that is connected directly with fiat? it aims to maintain prosperity and add to it.

for example the case of a cup of coffee can be more expensive if the currency (fiat) or crypto that you hold the value weakened. this is the role Globcoin, Globcoin has characteristics as a "reserve currency" which enables you to maintain prosperity and even add it, because Globcoin combines the best aspects of fiat currencies. Its value reflects the world economy, including its new components and trends of booming economies of China and India, maintaining a good balance of the Western currencies' economy.

Globcoin Crypto Platform

The Platform will enable the launch of customised currency baskets for a variety of uses. Currency baskets are portfolios of selected currencies with different weightings.

Used by the central banks needed to create such proposals on their own. No bank or retail intermediary currently has this kind of basket.

The platform provides flexibility to investors and allows them to express their opinions about a country or a group of currencies, or to prevent the susceptibility of others.

The first basket to launch, which corresponds to the World Reserve Currency (GLX), will allow shareholders to change their strategy to more stable instruments that have been historically proven to be more stable than the franc. Swiss

This system allows Globcoin to create an ideal basket for different markets.

Globcoin Multicurrency Saving Account and Multicurrency Prepaid MasterCard is a platform that can be accessed online or through App, offering a combination of multicurrency payments and savings. GLOBCOIN makes your life easier, cheaper and gives you full control in terms of managing your foreign currency exposure.Globcoin aims to make GLX available to every cardholder by mid 2018.


The proceeds from the funds of the Token Sale will be dedicated to platform development, product launch, marketing and PR, customer acquisition and partnership programs. They will also finance the operations of GLOBCOIN for the next 2 years including legal and administration costs, operations, administration, PR and marketing. It will enable us to hire the best talent in each field to reach the high objectives we have as an ambition for GLOBCOIN

Token name
GCP created per 1 ether
Minimum contribution level in ether for each investor
Minimum ether to be collected (soft cap)
Maximum ether (hard cap)
Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants
15,850,000 (37.8%)
Maximum number of tokens generated to pre-sale participants
5,100,000 (12.2%)
Maximum number of tokens generated for future business development
12,570,000 (30%)
Maximum number of tokens generated to team, adviser and early backers
8,380,000 (20%)
Maximum number of GCP generated
41,900,000 (100%)




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