Copytrack - Global Copyright Register -

Copytrack - Global Copyright Register


Meet again with me, this time we will discuss ICO Copytrack, in the digital era is supported by the increasing digital camera technology is a high-resolution digital Image growth circulated in the Internet has increased. 

But the increase in growth is less enjoyed by the artist photographer or anyone copyright holder on the image, this is due to the fact that most in the industry wearing the high cost to consumers and provide little benefit to the copyright holder. 

This many loss faults both copyright holder image and users or consumers image, which eventually many cause piracy image, or the use of the unauthorized image.

The luster of the use of the unauthorized image is very difficult to be traced by the copyright holder, because of the various ways that done by the illegal image user to circumvent, start of play the brightness, cropping, editing and etc. Giving solutions to the above problems by bringing together the digital image of copyright, with blockchain technology. Copytrack brings a lot of benefits including:

For copyright image holder or photographer:

  • Unlimited digital image storage
  • Global Image Copyright 
  • Tracing Illegal Image Use

Meanwhile, besides consumer or user image also get
  • the cost of image usage is getting cheaper
  • Digital Image search globally

and many more benefits that are offered by Copytrack. detail information read the whitepaper

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