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When Blockchain began to Expand into the Renewable Energy Sector


Energy costs are increasingly growing day by day, not only in small businesses, but also in the middle and upper sectors as well as the impact of this energy cost.

This encourages the need for acceleration in the renewable energy sector, but renewable energy costs a lot in the early investment so that many companies or households are always rethinking to use this energy.

From here the Revolution of renewable energy will work, Power Ledger Token provides an opportunity for both individuals and companies to keep making or investing in the form of renewable energy installations and gain profit to sell their energy to neighbors or others using Blockchain Technology, and the neighbors who get cheap energy benefits for their needs. so as to create a continuous connection.

The POWR token will serve as the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem.

POWR tokens help to facilitate low cost and better returns on electricity. They interact with the Ecosystem through:

  • Providing governance and consumer protection through Smart Bond technology
  • Facilitating access to use the Platform 
  • Providing loyalty rewards to Participants 
  • Contributing and connecting with renewable energy charities and organizations 
  • Providing access priority to Asset Germination Events and benefits from an asset’s ‘POWR’ generation (see section 5.5.7); and

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