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MyEtherWallet: Adding a Custom Token


Now that you have a Wallet and know how to check the balance through using MyEtherWalletlet's learn how to add a custom Ethereum Token!  To be clear, we will be adding a Token someone has already created on the Ethereum Blockchain, not actually creating a brand new token.  We will cover creating custom Tokens in a future post. 
Head on over to MyEtherWallet and go to the 'View Wallet Info' section.  Unlock your wallet and then follow the steps below.  If you are unsure about this process, refer back to the 'Checking your Ethereum Wallet Balance' post!

Adding a Custom Token

1.  Click the 'Add Custom Token' button
2. You should be prompted to enter 3 pieces of information, the Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals.
3.  Enter the Contract Address in the 'Address' field, the Token Symbol in the 'Token Symbol' field, and the number of decimals the token goes back to.  For this example, we will use the vSlice token.  I grabbed this information from their site, specifically this post: 'Checking vSlice Balance
4.  After entering the above information, click 'Save' and that is it!  You should now see the added Token under 'Token Balances:' right below your Ether balance.


This is an extremely easy and quick process.  The hardest part is probably finding the information needed to add the Token, but most companies will make it easy to find.  Now go out and add the hundreds of custom tokens and collect em all!

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